Return policy

According to Article 9, paragraph 1 of Government Ordinance No 34 of 12 June 2014 on consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals, you have the right to withdraw from contracts concluded at a distance without stating the reasons, within 14 days of the date on which your entry or a third party other than the carrier indicated by you, in physical possession of the products/last product.

What requirements must be met by products – general requirements that apply to all products.

You can return the products within 14 calendar days from the time they were delivered to you by the courier, whether you are a natural person or a legal person. The return form can therefore be sent no later than the 14th calendar day following the date of delivery/removal of the product to be considered.

You can return any product you receive with a defect in manufacture, within 14 days from the date of delivery.

All the products you return must be in the same state as you received them. We may not accept products on which unauthorized interference has been carried out or which have been damaged by you:

-have damaged or incomplete packaging,
– missing labels
– signs of wear or use


Also, we may not accept products that are not accompanied by all accessories that were shipped with the product.

It is necessary to return the products in the original packaging accompanied by the original, intact labels, the original guarantee certificate, if issued by the manufacturer/distributor and all documents with which they were delivered to you.

Whether the products we have delivered to you have been accompanied by any gifts (promotions), when you return your products you must also return the gifts (promotions).

If you bought more than one product and want a partial return, you can return the products easily



For further details on the return of products marketed by Ambar Studio you can contact us by email:

To return a product, download our RETURN FORM (click to access the return form), complete your details and send it along with the package to the address written on the AWB of the package or on the invoice.

Once we receive the package at our warehouse, we will process the return. The process will not take longer than 14 days.  We will will transfer the counter value of the products returned in the bank account specified on the return form (minus the shipping fee)