Orders delivery

Delivery time

Delivery takes place within 2-4 business days anywhere in the country, from the time of order confirmation; except for periods with a very high volume of orders, where delivery times will change (e.g. Black Friday and Christmas campaign). An order submitted Friday morning will be delivered starting the next week.

How much does the delivery cost?

Delivery by courier is free of charge for any order with a value exceeding 350 lei. If the value is less than 350 lei, a transport cost will be charged, calculated according to the delivery area. Depending on the number of ordered products, an order may have several associated deliveries, but regardless of their number the transport fee will be charged only once, only for orders with a total value of less than 350 lei. Once the order is completed, each customer will be able to view the associated dispatch tracking number(s) (AWB) directly on their account.

Orders can be registered at any time!

Booking of products is made automatically when the order is registered, if they have the status “in stock”.